who we are

CyberDisty is the official partner of WPG Korea, the number one semiconductor distributor.
Established in 1999, for 16 years we are the first in Korea to hold e-business
and business model patent which the service is used by 1,500 customers.


1999     Established Cyber Disty Co., Ltd ,  developed the search engine for semi-conductor and launched B2B service. 

2000    Commenced mobile internet service (Collaborate with SK Telecom).
             Published semi-conductor web-zine All4chip.

2001    Semi-conductor distribution specialty ERP business development (with Nation IT Industry Promotion Agency)
             Set an agreement with BrokerForum Korea, the Global e-commerce specialized in semi-conductor.

2003    Selected as electronic parts supplier for Samsung IMarketKorea(IMK)

2011    Electronic newspaper ETNews established semi-conductor purchase center.
             Strategic partnership contract with WPG Korea , the No.1 semi-conductor distributor.

Business Model and Patent

dot_03 Distribution for semiconductor 

dot_03 Proxy sales for excess and slow moving stocks

dot_03 Develop / supply semi-conductor specialized ERP

dot_03 Business Model Patent Registration (registration No. 2000-0042114)

    The e-commerce which the systematic consolidation from lower structure program is being installed. 

dot_03 Cooperative buying business model patent registration (registration No. 10-2004-0061023
    Methods to discover appropriate list of products which is suitable for cooperative buying among
    the raw materials which are required for manufacturing the products.

Certification and reward

dot_03 Selected as promising IT company (Ministry of Information and Communication)

dot_03 Certified Company affiliated research center.(B2B Solution research center )

dot_03 Certified venture company with cutting edge technology 

dot_03 Selected as Innovative technology mid-sized company by SMBA (INNO-BIZ)

dot_03 Selected as massive technology company 

dot_03 Rewarded commendation from Presidential Commission on Small and Medium Enterprise

dot_03 Rewarded commendation from Ministry of Information and Communication

dot_03 Rewarded commendation from Prime minister

dot_03 Rewarded commendation from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

Strong Vendor Line