Where we work

We own about 1,400 suppliers and purchase line in 38 countries and
        270 thousand vendor’s stock DB across the globe.

DB regarding R&D, maunfacturer, University, distributors and dealers is always open for our customers and 
customer competitiveness is always our first priority and value.

dot_03 Stock DB owned status: approximately 270 thousand

dot_03 Customer company status : Trade with about 1,500 companies for 16 years

    R&D, maunfacturer,  university, distributor and dealer

dot_03 Supplier status: 1,400 suppliers in 38 countries including USA, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan

dot_03 Owned product DB for EOL  vs  cross reference 

dot_03 No.1 Micrel stock DB in entire world

dot_03 Official partner of WPG KOREA, the no.1 semi-conductor distributor